ChoiceOne EHR – Version 2.0 API Documentation


The following link leads to the API documentation for the following criteria:

  • §170.315 (g)(7): Application Access - Patient Selection

  • §170.315 (g)(8): Application Access - Data Category

  • §170.315 (g)(9): Application Access - All Data Request


Link: https://choiceoneehr.com/files/PatientAccessAPI.pdf


ChoiceOne EHR, Inc. API Terms and Conditions of Use

ChoiceOne EHR, Inc. (“ChoiceOne EHR”) owns this Application Programming Interfaces (API). ChoiceOne EHR offers its data and is made available to developers for development and testing. This service is available upon acceptance of ChoiceOne EHR’s terms and conditions and is subject to these terms. Accessing to use the API or any of its content constitutes acceptance of ChoiceOne EHR’s terms and conditions of use. The API documentation provided is as-is and is without warranty of any kind whether expressed or implied. ChoiceOne EHR retains the right to modify the terms and conditions. ChoiceOne EHR may modify the terms and conditions without written notice by posting the new terms and conditions on the ChoiceOne EHR website.

  1. 1. Non-interference with ChoiceOne EHR operations

Use of API documentation must not interfere or disrupt with the proper workings of ChoiceOne EHR servers, service, performance, and other applicable operations. ChoiceOne EHR reserves the right to terminate and suspend developer access to the API.

  1. 2. Privacy

Developers’ applications must comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards with respect to protected health information (PHI).

  1. 3. Responsibility

ChoiceOne EHR bears no responsibility over any development made by developers relating to the use of this API. Developers who use this API agrees to accept all the risks pertaining to the use of this API including any expectations of usefulness, accuracy, and completeness of the API. Developers are responsible for complying and following all applicable laws including ChoiceOne EHR’s intellectual property rights.